In Sardinia, in the splendid Anglona, ​​there is Valledoria (Codaruina) a coastal town of about 5,000 inhabitants in the province of Sassari. Geographically it is located in the center of the Gulf of Asinara, embraced, on one side, by the promontory of Alghero and Castelsardo and, on the other, by that of Isola Rossa and Santa Teresa Gallura. It is equidistant (about 40 km) from the ports of Porto Torres, Santa Teresa Gallura and Olbia and from the airports of Alghero and Olbia.


The location is represented by a plain surrounded by greenery of about 10,000 square meters, framed by the highly photographed sunset, known as the “Baia dei Tramonti”, on the “San Pietro” seafront. It is conveniently served by road thanks to the fast-flowing Alghero-Castelsardo-Santa Teresa Gallura, and nearby there is a large area used for parking and bus station.

The event lasts three days, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the first week of August starting at 6 pm, in the presence of over 30,000 spectators.

On the covered stage, with a front of about 30 meters, the best rock bands of Sardinia alternate live (4 per evening and always different for all 3 days), with their own songs and covers. Every year there is a rock group of national importance and a fireworks display.

Live rock music ... has only one worthy companion: beer !!!

The "counter", about 50 meters long, has a battery of 30 plug systems. The beer is, of course, Sardinian: Ichnusa. And he is the main sponsor, together with the commercial and tourist activities of Valledoria, of the event.

The "Rock n 'Beer" (Valledoria Beer Festival) is also an opportunity to taste 3 different dinners with a typical Sardinian menu, thanks to the presence of a covered area with over 1,600 seats.

In addition to dinner, it is possible to taste and learn about the main ethno-gastronomic-artisan products of Sardinia, as there is another area for stands, where over 20 Sardinian producers exhibit their delicacies and their crafts.

From what has been described it would be said to be a party only for girls and boys, and instead, especially in the early hours of the event, during dinners, there is a strong presence of families. And this also thanks to an area dedicated to children, who are inebriated and bewitched by games with entertainers.

During the three days there will be canoe excursions to birdwatching, in the SIC area of ​​the Coghinas river. Paragliding, horseback riding and guided visits to the main churches of Valledoria and the surrounding area.

On the occasion of the event and after the event, the Sic areas of the Foce del Coghinas are cleaned in order to preserve the flora and fauna of the Valledoria area. Differentiated education campaigns are also promoted and respect for the environment is one of the pillars that animate the spirit of the event

Friday 2nd August 2019

Stands opening at 17:00

Start with Radiolina

  • Peasants - Rock Cover Artists
  • Alessandro Azara - Tribute Rino Gaetano
  • Rocket Queens - Guns N 'Roses Tribute
  • Vipers - Tribute Queen
  • Dobermann - Rock Band

Saturday 3 August 2019

Stands opening at 17:00

Start with Radiolina

  • Buskers - Street Performers
  • Bron-Yr-Aur- Led Zeppelin Tribute
  • Bandits and Champions - Tributo De Andre
  • Antonio Sorgentone - Rock'n'Roll Pianist
  • Rhapsody On Fire - Heavy Metal Band
  • Ostetrika Gamberini - Rock Band

Sunday 4th August 2019

Stands opening at 17:00

Start with Radiolina

  • Buskers - Street Performers
  • Rock Project Band - Rock Band
  • Seveso Casino Palace - Rock Band XFactor 2019
  • The Rumpled Folck Irish
  • Davide Van De Sfroos - Folck Rock Band
  • Pipes and Pints ​​- Irish Rock Band