It is strictly forbidden to park outside the areas identified on the map with the initials P.

The violation will result in forced removal through the use of the H24 wrecker service at the sole expense of the transgressor, in addition to the application of any sanctions provided for by current legislation on the matter; all parking areas are not guarded. The A.E.B.V. ONLUS is exempt from any obligation of custody as well as from any compensation liability for acts or facts occurring within these areas.

Access to the areas in question implies compliance with and acceptance of this notice; large vehicles may park only in the area identified in the map with the initials P4;

The A.E.B.V. ONLUS sets up a space within the event venue reserved for people with disabilities (with the right to be accompanied and who need continuous assistance) and their accompanying adults, taking care to place said reserved space, when possible, in proximity to the emergency exits and, in any case, according to criteria aimed at mainly guaranteeing the safety and security of the Users of the Event.

An adequate but necessarily limited number of places is reserved for people with disabilities and their companions.

People with disabilities are recommended to attend the show by positioning themselves within the area reserved for them, which will be indicated by the Security Staff. The same people are also reserved, within the area identified in the map with the initials PR, an adequate but necessarily limited number of car parks, upon presentation of the necessary parking ticket for people with disabilities;

normal public roads may be subject to variations by virtue of orders from the competent authorities; inside the Event there is a Health First Aid station;

the intake of alcoholic substances must be done in moderation and the use of buses, shuttles and NCC is recommended;

the users of the food preparations distributed HAVE the OBLIGATION to inform the Staff about any PATHOLOGIES, ALLERGIES and INTOLERANCES.

The acceptance of the food preparation by the user will be equivalent to the fulfillment of the above and will have full effect as a release from any civil, criminal, administrative, fiscal, social security and health liability for the A.E.B.V. ONLUS; the food preparations distributed are elaborated and made in the homes of civilian dwellings according to the typical Sardinian tradition and in full compliance with the law and health regulations.

The same, already developed and implemented, are conducted and stored in the place of distribution in full compliance with the law and health regulations. The food preparations by the user at the place of the event are carried out for DEMONSTRATIVE TITLE in order to promote, inform and preserve the ancient traditions of typical Sardinian cuisine;