Take care of the environment and nature in which we live!

Since its inception, ROCK N 'BEER has placed at the center of its responsibilities the dissemination of an environmental awareness that leads to a reduction of the negative impacts associated with the daily life of each of us.

Precisely because we believe in the strength of ROCK 'N BEER as a vehicle for this kind of message, we are trying to encourage and disseminate environmental sustainability edition after edition.

We have made many choices in this direction. Also this year the ROCK N 'BEER tries to minimize the impact of residues in the large area of ​​the Event.

The collection and recycling of waste has been arranged through the backstage differentiation of the type of waste (plastic, glass, paper and cardboard, wet and oily substances) .

At the entrance a special area has been created for the collection of expired medicines and disused batteries.
During the event, we also distribute the calendar for door-to-door waste collection within the territory of the Municipality of Valledoria. Door-to-door collection has allowed our Municipality to receive various prizes for the high percentage - over eighty percent - in the differentiation of private and commercial waste.
Where possible within the Event, the exclusive use of disposable plastic in bioplastic PLA and Mater-Bi will be made.

The objects in bioplastic are perfectly biodegradable and compostable: in a period equal to a composting cycle these materials are transformed into compost and fertilizer for the soil.

I Ragazzi della A.E.B.V. ONLUS from this year have organized and participated in the cleaning of the beaches of the Municipality of Valledoria, an appointment that will become mandatory to repeat in future years.
Mobility has also been made greener. We have activated a communication campaign so that users can arrive at the Event through the various existing pedestrian paths and through the use of bicycles or similar. We have set up an electric train service for moving around the parking areas.