1.1. Access to the plant implies compliance with and acceptance of this regulation;

1.2. Entry is allowed only through the relevant space indicated as "ENTRANCE";

1.3. It is allowed to enter with soft drinks in plastic bottles no larger than 0.5 liters as long as they do not have a cap. In the stands, drinks will be served in disposable glasses and bottles sold without caps. Anything that does not comply with these directives will be required by the Security Personnel;

1.4. Inside and outside the plant, for the purposes of safety and protection of the structure, it is possible to activate a video surveillance system. All recorded images, if necessary, will be placed in the availability of the Judicial Authority and the Judicial Police. The video surveillance systems present comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree no.196 / 2003 and of the G.D.P.R. and ll.mm.ii .;

1.5. To protect the common safety, checks are set up at the entrance to the plant carried out by security personnel and police forces, also with the use of metal detectors;

1.6. Access with animals is possible as long as the relevant regulations in force are respected;


2.1. Park and sit on the access and escape routes and on any other passage intended for emergency exits;

2.2. Damage or tamper with the facilities, infrastructures and services of the plant in any way;

2.3. Climb on balustrades, parapets, partitions and other structures not intended for the presence and parking of the public;

2.4. Carry out any kind of commercial and non-commercial activity that has not been previously authorized, in writing, by the A.E.B.V. ONLUS;

2.5. Behaviors capable of creating dangerous situations, endangering the safety of any person or contrary to public order, such as to disturb the orderly conduct of an Event in any way or prevent its peaceful enjoyment;

2.6. Access and stay in a state of intoxication or under the effect of drugs;

2.7. Display material that obstructs the visibility of other spectators or that interferes with the emergency signs or that, in any case, is an obstacle to the escape routes towards the exits; 2.8. Engage in aggressive acts against the Security Personnel or the Personnel assigned to the Event; 2.9. Stationed in the plant without clothing;


3.1. Firearms, dummy weapons or weapon-like objects, knives and other objects with sharp or sharp edges. Ammunition, fake ammunition, or any object resembling ammunition;

3.2. Explosive or flammable material, chemical substances or incendiary devices;

3.3. Fireworks, rockets and firecrackers;

3.4. Glass bottles, metal cans or flasks;

3.5. Non-alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles with a capacity greater than 0.5 liters (non-alcoholic beverages are limited to plastic bottles not exceeding 0.5 liters without caps);

3.6. Alcoholic beverages not purchased within the headquarters;

3.7. Illicit substances, including drugs and needles (unless necessary for valid medical reasons);

3.8. Poles, poles, sticks, umbrellas, large photo gear, selfie poles and clubs;

3.9. Drones or remote-controlled aerial devices;

3.10. Motorcycles, bicycles, skates, skateboards and overboards;

3.11. Electronic transmission equipment, power bank or laser pointers;

3.12. Suitcases, trolleys, bags and backpacks larger than 15 liters. or objects too large for the security check;

3.13. Stadium horns, stinging spray cans and spray cans;

3.14. Tents and sleeping bags; 3.15. Musical instruments;

3.16. Equipment for audio / video recording, professional and semi-professional machines, Go-Pro, Ipad and tablet;

3.17. Helmets, chains and all other offending objects. Failure to comply with these Regulations may result in removal from the plant and the application of any sanctions provided for by current legislation. The Police and the A.E.B.V. ONLUS can supplement this regulation, also by means of audio broadcasting before and during the Event. Any other action deemed necessary will be taken to provide the highest level of safety and the smooth running of the Event.